Winter Forest

Transport yourself to a calm, quiet forest with the first snow fall of the season.

Fragrance: Fresh Cut Balsam Fir, Cedarwood, and Frosted Pine Needles


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Burn Time

Up to 60 hours

Dimensions Measures

4 1/4″ D x 3 1/8″ H

Total Weight

26.1 oz. | 740G

Net Weight

11.6 oz. | 330G


All 96NORTH candles are made with 100% soy wax, premium cotton wicks, and essential oil fragrances.

Classic 3-Wick 
Soy Candles feature a decorative label and matching box that embody the essence of each candle’s unique scent bouquet.

Scent Type

Vessel & Packaging
Housed in a weighted glass vessel with a decorative label to add a pop of seasonal color to any decor
Includes a soft close lid and matching printed box


Candle Care

To help ensure optimal results when burning 96NORTH candles, please follow the tips listed below. Care tips help to ensure your safety while burning candles, in addition to providing you with the candle longevity indicated by the expected burn time. Candle care as well as environmental factors do impact the burn time experienced with each candle.

Candle Safety
  • do not burn the candle near or on anything that could catch on fire
  • the burning candle should always be kept within sight
  • keep children and pets away from the burning candle
  • do not put any objects in the candle
  • only burn the candle in a well-ventilated room
  • burn the candle at room temperature (65-75 degrees °F, 18-24 degrees °C)
  • keep the candle away from drafts, vents, fans, and air currents
  • when burning multiple candles, keep at least 6 inches (155 mm) of space between the candles
  • the candle should not be burned for more than 3 hours at a time
  • before relighting the candle, allow it to cool completely
  • keep the candle wax clear of all wick trimmings, matches, and debris

24 reviews for Winter Forest

  1. Gail

    3-wick scented candle
    The jar is lovely. The scent is pleasant and not overly strong. I have about a third of it left. Based on that, I’d say it’s going to last about 35 hours total, not the projected 50 hours. I’d buy it again, but hope for a sale.

  2. Oma

    Smells so good
    I just discovered these candles a month ago. I have already used the pumpkin scented one and now I have the pine scent. They are strong enough to smell in different rooms downstairs. They come beautifully packaged. A good buy!

  3. Bob

    Nice candle

  4. Mary Hamilton

    This was extremely satisfying
    Smells fantastic

  5. Teresa Kahle

    I love the scent but it burns away too fast
    I use this one time for 2 hours and it is over 1/3 gone. This does not last long enough.

  6. 728leah

    Smells great/also too expensive
    Wow! These smell so good. They smell like Christmas trees. I bought it for my mom, but apparently put one in my for later basket & got a notification the price went up. I’m giving it 5 stars for the smell, but I definitely wouldn’t pay more for one than I already did. Way too expensive now. If you have the money & like tree smells I would recommend it.

  7. Patricia Hall

    Beautiful packaging, love the scent
    My candle arrived very quickly and the box it comes in is so pretty. The candle itself is very pretty too. Smells great even when not lit. Just lit it today and love the scent. Just what I wanted.

  8. Ken MacDonald

    Short review- love it
    Good scent. Not overpowering. Price is good. I’ll buy it again soon.

  9. Linda m.

    Love it
    So pretty, just like the picture. It burns evenly and slow. The fragrance is vey nice, not over whelming.

  10. Joan Kreyssler

    Long lasting soy candle
    The scent was wonderful, and they last!
    Also, it burned very evenly.
    The soy wax is less toxic.

  11. C. Wilson

    Smells great
    Smells really great. Didn’t last long though!

  12. sharon higgins

    Scent needs improvement
    I thought the scent was not real vibrant

  13. Suzanne

    Scent is nice
    Scent is lovely.

  14. Maria Luisa Garcia

    Agradable aroma y bonita base.
    Todo. Ideal para regalar.

  15. Mark 1 Real Estate, Inc.

    Very Fragrant
    it smells beautiful! Both when lit and not.

  16. Dena

    smells of fresh pine…
    This candle smells so fresh of pine. Love it!

  17. MM

    Smells lovely
    As someone who loves aromatherapy this candle really has a wonderful scent. It has that pine scent of a winter forest and makes my house smell like Christmas. It burns evenly and each time the whole top area melts and then solidifies, so it doesn’t create those circles just around the wicks. Really nice candle!

  18. Patricia Gebhart

    Very impressed with item
    fast delivery and quality item

  19. patty broback

    Beautiful packaging and product
    Wonderful candles in beautiful packaging. Nice value for the product.

  20. Anastasia

    a wonderful candle
    a wonderful candle, it really smells like a forest. The smell is gentle, not too strong. and I also want to praise the jar and packaging! Very stylish.

  21. Mickey

    Totally buy again
    Truly reminds me of fresh tree and smells like I’m out doors, right in the pines… One of my favorite scents any time of the year, or just for the holiday season. Clean and fresh scent.

  22. D. Irizarry

    I was looking for a candle with similar scent to Thymes Fraser Fir and this is the most similar in a lower price range. I highly recommend.

  23. Lee Smith

    Pine Scented Candles
    Wish they were all year long

  24. Loren French

    t the sent was weak
    The sent was weak , decrations.

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