Pumpkin Spice

4.60 (252 customer reviews)

Snuggle up and rest as the comforting scent of Pumpkin Spice fills your space. Cinnamon and nutmeg conjure thoughts of warm, pleasant nights spent by the fire, while spiced sugar notes evoke the alluring aroma of oven-warm cookies.


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Scent Spicy
Candle Type 3-wick soy candle
Burn Time Up to 50 hours
Dimensions Measures 4 1/4″ D x 3 1/8″ H
Total Weight 26.1 oz. | 740G
Net Weight 11.6 oz. | 330G

At 96NORTH, we use the richest natural aromas to craft unique sensory experiences. An all-time fall favourite, this Pumpkin Spice candle brings a sense of cosiness and warmth to your home.


Our Pumpkin Spice scented candle offers a comforting blend of spiced sugar, creamy pumpkin, nutmeg, and cinnamon. Its velvety depth evokes the cosy feeling of being home on a cold day.

After the initially sugary smell, spicy base notes create a finish that lingers in the air long after you extinguish the candle, luring you to curl up and unwind.

All our beautiful scents are created entirely from natural ingredients without the use of unsafe additives or synthetic ingredients.

  • Pumpkin. The aroma of sweet pumpkin can help to improve mood and promote feelings of comfort and relaxation.
  • Cinnamon. Cinnamon has a warm, spicy aroma that is known for its uplifting and energizing properties.
  • Nutmeg. The warm, sweet spice is believed to have anti-inflammatory properties.

This exquisitely crafted candle features an elevated monochromatic glass vessel with gold foil accents. It comes with a soft close lid and an artisan-designed gold foiled gift box.

At 96NORTH, we believe that responsible products can be both beautiful and eco-conscious.

For this reason, we only use 100% soy wax and lead-free cotton wicks while making our candles. Soy wax is a renewable resource that burns cleanly without producing harmful fumes and can be entirely composted.

The glass vessel the candle comes in not only makes a beautiful centrepiece for your home, but can easily be recycled or reused.

Please adhere to the advice below to safeguard your safety and prolong the life of your candle:

  • Keep within sight while burning
  • Do not burn near or on anything that could catch fire
  • Keep away from children and pets
  • Do not place any objects in the candle
  • Burn at room temperature
  • Keep burning candle away from drafts, vents, fans, and air currents
  • Keep at least 6 inches (155 mm) of space between burning candles
  • Do not burn for more than 3 hours at a time
  • Allow to cool completely before re-lighting
  • Keep wax clear of trimmed wicks, matches, and debris

52 reviews for Pumpkin Spice

  1. tisa wheeler

    Perfect scent for picky people
    I bought one for myself to check the scent and I loved it. It’s fragrant enough to make the room smell good without being overly Obtrusive. After liking mine so much I end up buying three as gifts. The packaging is so beautiful that it makes the candle look even more special!

  2. Laurie Corrinne

    Beautiful and lovely aroma
    Perfect for that Fall feeling. I bought one for myself and another for my best friend. Definitely recommend if you want something that looks good and smells even better!

  3. Deb H

    Wonderful scent! Beautiful candle!
    This candle is perfect for fall! Wonderful scent!

  4. Bersyl57

    Smells like Fall
    It is a great gift

  5. Tina Sarton

    Smells amazing
    I bought this candle for my daughter for her birthday. I was looking for a candle that was going to burn clean and have a strong scent. My daughter loved the scent! The packaging is pretty and makes a nice gift. I’m looking forward to trying other scents from this company.

  6. Debbie Petrucci

    Candle has a wonderful scent
    Candle is a great gift

  7. Rev. Donna M. Swindells

    One of the BEST Pumpkin candles ever!
    I bought this for my personal use.
    However, there was a need to gift my neighbor for a kind favor she gave me.
    I presented this candle to her for her home. She was so grateful, her whole family loved the scent.
    She let me smell this candle too. It was Pumpkin, but mixed with cinnamon.
    Intoxicating, the smell of Autumn.
    Makes a great gift as well as a treat for yourself.

  8. Theresa A. Segarra

    A Very special Candle
    What a nice gifts smells fantastic and lasts and last. Even the box it comes in is elegant keepsakes A gift in a gift,sweet !

  9. J.Adams

    Stunning pumpkin orange candle with an incredible pumpkin spice scent!
    I ordered this gorgeous 96NORTH luxury pumpkin candle for myself. I love candles and absolutely LOVE the color pumpkin and all holiday fragrances but especially the scent of pumpkin spice! I’m absolutely thrilled with this gorgeous candle and I’m so happy I have it!

    This candle comes very securely packaged to ensure the candle glass doesn’t break. It’s encased in styrofoam with an extra square of styrofoam to give additional protection to the inside. There’s also a protective plastic cover to protect the surface of the candle from being marred by the styrofoam. Remove that plastic cover and the candle surface is perfectly smooth. All of this attention to detail are the hallmarks of high quality candles from a company that demand the highest quality!

    This is a gorgeous, large, 3 wick candle, With a burn time of up to 60 hours. Anyone who loves Fall, and loves pumpkin spice fragrance, will absolutely adore this stunning candle! It comes securely packaged in a gorgeous box, ready for gifting. The candle itself is a beautiful pumpkin orange color, and the glass container is a stunning pumpkin orange color too. It also comes with a plain metallic tone top for an extra elegant accent. If you want the candle to last longer and smell better, I advise using a candle warmer instead of burning this gorgeous candle.

    This candle is made of soy wax and cotton, lead free wicks. Soy wax is the preferred wax for candles because soy wax also burns more slowly than paraffin wax. So you’ll have a candle that lasts longer. Soy wax also burns cleaner and produces less soot than paraffin. Soy is also a naturally-derived, non-renewable product. It’s not only great for candles but also for
    making fragranced wax melts and wax tarts.

    Cotton wicks are made of braided cotton strands, dipped in wax and compressed to hold their shape. Cotton wicks make easier to maintain candles because they have a more controlled burn.

    This is a gorgeous candle to display and heat in any room in your home. It’s highly fragranced and fills our kitchen and family room with an incredible pumpkin spice scent.

    This is a great gift to yourself, or for anyone on your gift giving list. It’s sure to be appreciated by whoever receives it!

    Very Highly Recommended!

  10. Karen Godbey

    ABOVE & BEYOND, in every way

    I was amazed as I started to unpack this candle. While I waited for it at arrive, I started to regret ordering a candle in September, since it is still very much like summer outside for most of the country. I’ve ordered a few candles before with disastrous results. This time, I was very wrong. Nothing to fear.

    As I opened the cardboard box, I found it to be amazingly well cushioned. Inside that well cushioned box, was a shrink-wrapped heavily ornate product box. It was the candle’s actual box. After carefully cutting away the shrink wrap, I slid the lid off of the box. The lid of the box is made of heavy board that has a huge over-lap. There’s a suction created when trying to pull it off of the bottom of the box. Once removed, there were multi-layers of packaging including clear plastic and foam cushion to hold the wicks in place, and the candle wax smooth. WOW! I was in awe that such care taken to ensure the consumer was pleased.

    I have been delighted with the fragrance of the candle, and the lovely way it is burning down.

    This is a great product from a company that cares.

    This is a RECOMMEND, for sure.

  11. Nikki K.

    Perfect for fall and perfect for gift giving
    This candle gives a very soft aroma of pumpkin spice with notes of cinnamon as well. Depending on the size room you use the candle in will give either a stornger or lighter aroma. When i use this candle in my office its a stronger cinnamin spice scent some sweet notes but not overwhelming. When i use this in my livingroom it gives a light soft scent and alot more pumpkiny. I like the candle overall im so in love with Orange i love the gold cover and packaing is really cute and very protective i appreciated the care so if u give this as a gift it will look alot more expensive than it is and look like u got it a high end shop or department store. Additional note the brand has a candle club where you’ll get sneak peeks of the next seasons scent which aounds pretty cool

  12. frisky2000

    Most scented candles typically don’t burn exactly like their names and have a funky odd odor nothing like you would expect. NOT THIS ONE! This Luxury Pumpkin Candle is exceptional. It is not only beautiful to look at in any room, but it glows with a lovely trio of flames and offers a light and fulfilling fragrance which is not overpowering but very satisfying. It comes beautifully gift boxed and carefully packaged. I am using this myself but will be purchasing several as gifts as we head into the cooler fall months. Pumpkin is one of our favorite autumn scents and it has always been hard to find just the right candle without any odd after-odors. This one gets FIVE stars!

  13. Tyler K

    Okay this is the most gorgeous candle I’ve ever seen, and maybe I’m being biased because I’m obsessed with the smell of it but it’s true. If you’re looking for a nice gift, this is perfect. It comes in this GORGEOUS box and the lid is gold and the writing on the candle is gold. Super giftable, you don’t even have to wrap it because of how pretty and sturdy the box is. Don’t even get me started on the smell!! I’m literally running this one every second I’m home because I’m obsessed with the smell. Takes me right to a crisp October afternoon at the pumpkin patch! I’ll probably wear this one out soon and then buy like 20 more lol. Overall, buy this candle right this second, you WILL NOT be disappointed!!!

  14. Kimber Rosee

    Dare I say better than bath and body
    This candle smells incredible and the box it came for is perfect for gifting, it lit easily and the smell flowed through the entire room it was in and into the hallway. It’s not too over the top cinnamon smelling like some fall candles I get from bath and body and for as long as I was able to use it I was really pleased with the quality overall. Even when the wicks burned out I used the left over wax for wax melters and got to have the lovely scent a little longer

  15. K. Cade

    Packaged beautifully for gift giving
    The Scandal came in a beautiful box well packaged and came out looking like a dream. It throws sent throughout my entire apartment. It smells very good without being sickening sweet. The Wicks burn very nicely and it just looks great on my coffee table. Really like the presentation of this one. Smells yummy.

  16. Jason Stein

    wonderful fall ambiance
    Burning 96North’s 3 wick Pumpkin Spice candle will leave you in the fall mood. The scent from this candle fills the room within minutes of lighting it. The scent is pleasant and fall like. The 3 wicks give off a nice glow when lit simultaneously. The candle is a good size at 3 1/4’” tall and 4 1/4” wide. It’s solid orange color blends well with fall decor, as does it’s solid gold lid. This soy candle is a well made product.

  17. Bookwyrm

    Lovely scent, beautiful packaging.
    This is a richly scented oversized candle that smells amazing. The pumpkin spice scent is absolutely scrumptious, and makes me long for cold evening with warm spiced beverages and cookies. The candle was presented in a beautiful metallic striped box, making it a lovely choice for a gift.

  18. J. Stroh

    This the best scent ever for Pumpkin Spice! It’s wonderful!
    Love this candle. Love it so much I want to burn it now! But will have to wait for cooler weather with this Pumpkin Spice scented candle. The scent is very very nice and I have gotten a lot of different brands of their pumpkin spice, but this is the best by far. It is wonderful! The bright orange of the soy wax is perfect for the Fall months. The jar is thick and there are three wicks that are spaced nicely. The candle came in a well padded box sealed with plastic. The box is very nice too and very classy looking. Overall this candle would make a great gift but I’m keeping mine. Highly recommend.

  19. KM

    Smells wonderful
    This three wick candle arrives in a beautiful box. I consider this a wonderful housewarming present for someone who loves pumpkin spice. The candle itself is in a nice glass container with a gold lid. It look lux. I love the scent, it is comforting, and not overwhelming. Definitely recommend.

  20. Chellebble

    Good fall smell
    I really liked the smell of this! Great fall scent! Heavy glass candle.

  21. agelessasian

    gorgeous candle with scrumptious scent
    this lovely candle brings fall to my home, the color is rich and the scent lovely (not overpowering).

  22. Darkoasis

    I was so impressed when this candle arrived. It comes in a beautiful sturdy box.. I just loved the box! Talk about a beautiful gift.. The candle itself is a 3 wick candle and smells wonderful. Lights easily and burns even. Very good choice.. very good.

  23. Rich Bing

    Would make a great gift!
    Great burn, gives off a nice glow. Strong scent you can smell throughout the room. Gift box is a nice added touch.

  24. SidMarie

    Nice scent
    Love the light scent of pumpkin its not too much. Nice packaging and boxing so would be great to gift! Last very long!

  25. Am

    Smells great! This candle arrived beautifully packaged and makes a great gift. It burns well and lasts so long!! I’ll absolutely order more

  26. DJG

    Nice seasonal candle
    Very nice quality candle that is beautifully wrapped and ready for gift giving. It smells delightful!

  27. Ginger S

    Smells like fall!
    Smells so amazing, just like cinnamon pumpkin bread. Burns evenly and isn’t overwhelming. Doesn’t leave the black residue either. Arrived packaged nicely, ready to gift for someone. Exquisite candle for the autumn season!

  28. Boyzoo

    Great scent
    Strong scent that smells like pumpkin pie. I think it’s a lovely jar and color wax as well.

  29. QueenB

    Burns well, smells great, excellent quality. It’s like walking into a fall themed bakery.

  30. CLR

    Great value
    This is a very pretty candle. Comes in a very nice box. A great hostess gift.

  31. Melinda Bulgin

    Beautiful Packaging
    Great fall scent, nice appearance and packaged for gifting.

  32. Jennifer

    Cute, smells good and relaxing
    Bought this candle to add a bit of fall flavor to my apartment. The case is pretty, the candle smells great but not over powering. Will buy again!

  33. Mallory Carpenter

    Smells amazing! Pretty box!
    I’ll be coming back to this brand for Xmas gift candles! Wow!

  34. Sharon

    Beautiful packaging
    This candle comes in a beautiful decorative box perfect for gifting. The fragrance is amazing and I love that it’s a 3 wick candle. It burns very evenly.

  35. Sandra L Damaske

    Awesome candle!
    Fragrance is so beautiful and seasonal. Loved it!
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  36. lindsey


  37. Elie Zeleranski

    Amazing product
    great in terms of scent and longevity, best value for money on high quality interior decoration candles.
    Received product just a few days after order.
    highly recommended

  38. Flo

    Smells good

    Had candle on today. Smells gorgeous. Not sure on longevity yet.

  39. Alexandra

    The wax kept covering the wicks
    This candle has a great scent. However, When I lit the candle for the second time, the wax covered the wicks and they would burn out. I kept having to clear the wax from the wicks every time I lit the candle. Even after clearing it, the wax would smother the wick again and it would burn out.

  40. Joy

    Packaged somewhat poorly
    Super cute box, and they attempted to keep it from breaking by putting a piece of foam on top of the wax/wicks, then put the candle lid on. Unfortunately, I think this smooshed the candle- the wax is malformed and the packing foam is molded into the candle. I’m going to burn it anyway, but if you’re buying this for a gift and want it to look nice when they open it, think twice. Or just use a hair dryer to melt the wax and try to let it reform?

  41. Bethany Johnson

    Beautiful candle
    Gave as a gift, packaged well. The scent was only ok, hoped for better.

  42. Stacy

    Lightly scented & I like strong scent – but beautiful for everyone
    I love a burst of scent in my home. This wasn’t it. This is a lovely candle for someone who likes a light scent and can’t tolerate too much. It is a beautiful candle in a beautiful box. I would absolutely buy this for someone who I was unsure if they were offended by strong smells. Great teacher gift.

  43. Pyewacket

    Nice 96
    This is a well-packaged candle with comparable value to similarly scented candle products. The pumpkin scent is spiced bit strong on the nutmeg for me, personally, but this would make a lovely gift for someone who enjoys candles–particularly for the autumn season.

  44. Carol McKay

    One wick never stays lit
    Big disappointment. It has 3 wicks but only 2 will light. Glad I had not given as a gift.

  45. Ebony Karma Dior

    Nice package no smell
    The candle is not a wax candle. They barely smells like anything when you light it. I would definitely just stick to Bath and Body Works

  46. mommyd

    Great packaging. Not crazy about the scent

  47. gabrielle silva

    This candle is not what I was expecting
    The candle did not throw any scent. It was more fragrant in the box than when I lit it. Giant disappointment

  48. Kevin Weaver

    Beautiful presentation with a short life
    I bought two of these. The candle comes in a beautiful reusable box and was well packaged. Overall, the look of the candle is subdued and sophisticated. The scent is warm and not too overwhelming – however I could’ve used more scent as my space is large. The biggest issue I have is that these burn fast. I’ve lit the a total of 3 times and have burned for approximately 3 hours each time. Already the wax is near the bottom. These candles would make a perfect gift to a coworker or acquaintance.

  49. MrsSunday

    Pumpkin candle
    Large gorgeous candle that literally opens as a gift. Cold sniff smells wonderful and full and strong. Unfortunately once it’s lit, there isn’t much of a throw. I have to get right next to the candle to smell the pumpkin. Looks great, just wish it smelled as well as it looks. I also had issues with the wicks folding over and falling over and not relighting. I used wick cutters and attempted to save them but I lost one of the wicks quite early. They need trimming to extend their life. I wouldn’t order again, but I would send one as a gift as they were packaged beautifully.

  50. Yasmina Ferraris

    Not recommended
    This is an okay quality candle. It doesn’t burn evenly or for very long, but the scent is pleasant. I wouldn’t buy this again when there are much better and cheaper candles elsewhere on Amazon.

  51. Kimberly Whitney

    Very pretty giftable box, and the candle itself is a nice glass jar with a metal lid. Decent size 3 wick with bright orange wax. There is no scent though. The throw is literally a 3/10. I burned it all day and couldn’t smell it unless I was within 5 feet.

  52. lorraine

    Loved the scent until on second day the wicks did not work very poor burning and when I dug wicks to make them burn unfortunately it did not have the scent. Woukd not buy again I feel it’s a waste of money
    Very disappointed

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