White Sage

Welcome to a secluded oasis of soul and purity with our White Sage candle. This fragrance is a guiding star to harmony, where the freshness of white sage soars like a wise wind, carrying you into a world of tranquility and inner purity. Close your eyes and envision the scent of sage fields, where each inhale fills you with the wisdom of nature, and each exhale invites you to immerse yourself in a blessed moment of inner peace.


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Scent White Sage
Candle Type 3-wick soy candle
Burn Time Up to 60 hours
Dimensions Measures 4 1/4″ D x 3 1/8″ H
Total Weight 26.1 oz. | 740G
Net Weight 11.6 oz. | 330G

Let’s step together into the thresholds of this magical haven and allow the aroma of White Sage to lead us into a realm of harmony and inspiration.


At the outset, embrace the freshness of orange, the softness of melon, and the brightness of lemon. These top notes are like a gentle summer breeze, bringing not only the aroma of citrus but also the sweet touch of sunlight.

Then unfolds the heart of the fragrance, filled with sea salt and wise sage. It’s a dive into the depths of the ocean and contemplative moments, where each wave carries the wisdom of ancient forests.

In the base, a blend of sandalwood and musk resonates. Like a tender touch of nature, these notes create a sense of warmth and tranquility. Together, they form an unparalleled bouquet, infusing your space with the tenderness, freshness, and wisdom of nature.

All our beautiful scents are created entirely from natural ingredients without the use of unsafe additives or synthetic ingredients.

Orange, Melon, and Lemon: This invigorating combination is known to elevate mood, promote positivity, and create an overall sense of freshness.

Sea Salt Sage: contribute to a cleansing and purifying experience. Sage has been traditionally associated with purification rituals, and the sea salt adds a touch of revitalizing energy, promoting a sense of clarity and renewal.

Sandalwood and Musk: provide a grounding and tranquil presence. Sandalwood is renowned for its calming properties, while musk adds depth and longevity to the fragrance. Together, they create an atmosphere of relaxation and serenity

This exquisitely crafted candle features an elevated monochromatic glass vessel with gold foil accents. It comes with a soft close lid and an artisan-designed gold foiled gift box.

At 96NORTH, we believe that responsible products can be both beautiful and eco-conscious.

For this reason, we only use 100% soy wax and lead-free cotton wicks while making our candles.

Soy wax is a renewable resource that burns cleanly without producing harmful fumes and can be entirely composted. The glass vessel the candle comes in not only makes a beautiful centrepiece for your home, but can easily be recycled or reused.

Please adhere to the advice below to safeguard your safety and prolong the life of your candle:

  • Keep within sight while burning
  • Do not burn near or on anything that could catch fire
  • Keep away from children and pets
  • Do not place any objects in the candle
  • Burn at room temperature
  • Keep burning candle away from drafts, vents, fans, and air currents
  • Keep at least 6 inches (155 mm) of space between burning candles
  • Do not burn for more than 3 hours at a time
  • Allow to cool completely before re-lighting
  • Keep wax clear of trimmed wicks, matches, and debris

Unlocking the Essence of White Sage

White Sage, a symphony of fragrant notes meticulously composed to immerse you in a sensory journey. Let’s delve deeper into the layers of this aromatic tapestry, where each note unfolds like a chapter in a captivating tale.

Top Notes – Citrus Elevation:
The opening act introduces a lively trio of orange, melon, and lemon. Beyond their delightful aroma, these top notes work in harmony to uplift your spirits, infusing the surroundings with an effervescent energy. The citrus infusion is akin to a burst of sunshine, enveloping your space in a warm and inviting glow.

Middle Notes – Sage’s Purifying Dance:
As the narrative progresses, we encounter the heart of the fragrance—sea salt sage. Sage, revered for its purifying qualities, engages in a dance with the essence of sea salt, creating a purifying ritual for the senses. This aromatic interplay not only cleanses the air but also brings a sense of clarity and focus, inviting you to embrace moments of reflection and renewal.

Base Notes – Tranquil Grounding:
The journey concludes with the grounding base notes of sandalwood and musk. Like the comforting embrace of nature, these notes weave a tranquil tapestry that lingers, offering a calming and reassuring presence. Sandalwood’s earthy warmth and musk’s subtle depth intertwine, creating a lasting impression that resonates with the serenity of a wooded sanctuary.


Holistic Well-being:

The carefully balanced blend of notes contributes to a holistic sense of well-being. It’s not just a fragrance; it’s a therapeutic experience that nurtures your mind, body, and spirit.

Mood Elevation:
Citrus notes are renowned for their mood-boosting properties, making White Sage an ideal companion during moments of relaxation, contemplation, or lively gatherings.

Purification and Renewal:
The sage and sea salt combination creates an atmosphere of purification, making White Sage a perfect choice for spaces where you seek to cleanse the energy and invite renewal.

Sensory Escape:
Allow the layered notes of White Sage to transport you to a sensory haven—a place where the harmonious blend of scents transforms your environment into a sanctuary of peace and inspiration.

From Me to You:
White Sage is more than an aroma; it’s an invitation to embark on a sensory journey. As you light this candle, let the fragrant notes weave stories of positivity, clarity, and tranquility. Embrace the benefits, savor the nuances, and let the essence of White Sage elevate your moments into a symphony of well-being.


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