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Romantic Scented Candles

Candlelight is one of the best ways to dial up the romance and create an enticing ambiance. With candles, you can ignite a romantic spark and inspire passion between you and your partner that will last long after the wick is blown out.

When it comes to setting the mood on your next date night in, candles are a great choice–from sweet and sensual to light and floral. Here are a few of the most romantic scented candles we recommend that will surely refresh your relationship or ignite passion in your life. 

Best Romantic Scented Candles From 96NORTH

Madagascar Vanilla

The subtle sugary aroma of Madagascar vanilla, fresh cream and notes of bourbon is ideal for creating a soft, romantic ambiance. The lush rich blend has an aphrodisiac effect that creates an inviting mood and is a lovely aroma to fill your dining room during dinner at home with your sweetheart.

French Lavender

Soft French lavender combined with the comforting fragrance of sandalwood and the calming effects of eucalyptus radiate a sense of calmness and serenity for cozy nights.

Some wouldn’t think that lavender could be one of the best scented candles for romance, but the fresh and soothing aroma of this fragrance is perfect if you’re looking to create a romantic, pleasant and relaxed mood.

Roasted Coffee

If your date is both a chocolate and coffee lover, you can light up the rich fragrance of Roasted Coffee with notes of toasted cacao that delivers a sweet and warm aroma that’s perfect as you snuggle up together under a throw blanket or sit near the fireplace rug.

Tropical Coconut

If you want to set a romantic evening walking on the beach at sunset but you’re nowhere near a beach, lighting a Tropical Coconut scented candle will definitely transport you to a lush tropical island. 

Set a dreamy, tropical mood as you surround your space with a fragrant blend of toasted coconut mingled with buttery rum, coconut milk, and soft undertones of banana leaves.

Let’s Celebrate

If you or your partner have a sweet tooth or would like to indulge in sweets without guilt, Let’s Celebrate scented candles consist of the delightful blend of buttercream frosting, vanilla bean cake, honey and warm butter. 

Some may think vanilla scents are basic and boring, but the vanilla scent is uniquely comforting and sensual that should not be underrated. 

Scent has immense power over our emotions, so use it to build excitement and set a sensual mood. An intimate date night can be set by combining your and your partner’s sense of smell. When you’re having a movie night or spending an intimate evening at home, romantic scented candles can create a blissful ambiance.

Our premium scented candles are the perfect candle for the bedroom, lighting a spark as you cuddle up with your significant other. Light any one of 96NORTH’s date-night-ready scented candles and it will definitely smell like love is in the air.