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Scented Candles For Relaxation

It’s not a secret that aromas can improve our emotional and physical health. That explains why so many people turn to aromatherapy and why so many of us thrive to make our homes welcoming and infuse them with fragrances. Every essential oil is composed of unique components, each of which has a special impact on the body and mind.

Candles are the most popular home fragrance products that not only add a special atmosphere to your home but also promote relaxation.

Best Aromas for Relaxation

Scientists have found that aromatherapy not only promotes relaxation but also improves sleep quality, decreases stress and anxiety, and alleviates depression. For relaxation, it’s recommended to use flower fragrances such as lavender, chamomile, geranium, and jasmine, as well as citrusy and herbaceous scents such as bergamot, eucalyptus, and pine.

Best 96NORTH Candles for Stress Relief

French Lavender

This premium collection candle is one of our favorites for relaxation. Soft lavender with undernotes of eucalyptus and sandalwood will keep you calm and relaxed after a long busy day. Not to mention that this candle will be an excellent decor detail for your home with its luxurious desiger monochromatic vessel.

Lavender is the most popular scent for relaxation, and it’s been used in aromatherapy for years. Research backs up lavender’s calming and sleep-inducing properties. As both an aphrodisiac and an antidepressant, this scent has also been shown to alleviate pain and stress and have an overall positive impact on mood and sleep quality.

Winter Forest

Enjoy your relaxation with a fresh winter forest scent. A unique bouquet of fresh cut balsam fir with undertones of cedarwood and frosted pine needles will make an excellent addition to your calm evening. Infuse your home with the winter aroma of fresh pine trees that are sure to leave your home smelling cozy all year round. Studies have found that pine scent can alleviate stress and anxiety and improve emotional well-being. Our Winter Forest candle feels just as relaxing as a walk around a winter forest filled with pine fragrance.

It’s Good to Be Home

What can be more relaxing than the scent of your own home? Our Good to Be Home candle from the Special Occasions collection will infuse your home with the scents of soft amber and sandalwood with some hints of white orchid and fresh linen. Its combination of warm and wooden aromas with clean and fresh flowery undertones will make you calm and relaxed as if you had just put on fresh bed sheets.

All 96NORTH candles are crafted from 100% soy wax with premium cotton wicks and essential oil fragrances. Soy wax is not only better for the health when compared to paraffin, but it also has a longer burning time. Soy wax is sustainable and environmentally friendly, and it produces less soot.