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Pumpkin Scented Candles

We don’t care how basic it is; pumpkin spice is an absolute necessity for fall. And, if you’re a devout pumpkin fan who’s always on the hunt for the best pumpkin-scented candles, we’ve got what you need to make your home smell like a crisp autumn day any time of year!

Our pumpkin scented candle collection is a unique combination of scents that also feels luxurious when you light the premium cotton three wicks. It’s almost like you’re at the spa or a fancy hotel, but it still has the warmth and coziness you want from a pumpkin candle.

Furthermore, our candles have a 60-hour burn time, making them a great candle to use long after the holidays are over, adding a bit of extra comfort to those snowy days in December and January.

So even if the season isn’t in full swing yet, you can now experience all the signature scents and flavors of Thanksgiving months that smell good enough to eat well in advance.

Best Pumpkin Scented Candles from 96NORTH

Pumpkin Frosting

With hints of sticky sweet warm caramel drizzle, spiced frosting, and baked pumpkin, your senses will be taken to the comforting scent of pumpkin pie.

Imagine snuggling up by the fire with your favorite cashmere blanket on a chilly autumn afternoon as you enjoy the delicious aroma of freshly baked goodies in this pumpkin pie scented candle.

The weighted glass vessel featuring monochromatic color and gold detail adds a sophisticated touch to your coffee table. Plus, it’s made from premium essential oil fragrances and 100% wax, giving a crisper scent and longer burn time.

Pumpkin Spice

There would be no better way to wake up on a Sunday morning than to smell this candle’s aroma wafting through the kitchen.

With the super simple blend of creamy pumpkin, cinnamon, spiced sugar and nutmeg, this candle gives off the sweet smell of cinnamon without being too over the top. 

It effortlessly brings the fall season indoors to absolutely any day of the week. And its 100% soy wax also lasts long after it’s extinguished, so you’ll have the irresistible smell of freshly made cinnamon buns throughout your entire home or apartment.

When you can’t get enough of the crisp, warm fragrance of fall, pumpkin scented candles can bring autumn to you. Whether thinking about pumpkin decorating, Halloween costumes, amazing fall cocktails or just missing fall’s warm, cozy comfort, pumpkin scented candles are the perfect solution.

So stock up now for fall, winter and beyond! It’s never been easier!