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Cheap Scented Candles

It doesn’t matter whether your apartment still smells of the leftover pizza you impulsively ordered at 3 am last night, or you just had a grueling, deadline-filled day at work; a candle is exactly what you need.

And while treating yourself to a high-end, lavish product may make you think twice, you don’t need to break the bank for an upscale candle. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get the same elegant fragrance and sensation.

So here are 6 extremely chic but the best cheap scented candles that won’t cost you a penny over $30. They smell luxurious and are guaranteed to make your space feel fragrantly welcoming and invigorating.

Best Cheap Scented Candles from 96NORTH

Autumn Apple Picking

Pretty much the OG of scented candles, and for good reason, autumn apple fragrances are nothing short of delightful.

This cozy scent has notes of apple, autumn nectar, crisp leaves and warm spices perfect for your upcoming Netflix binge-fest.

Warm Sugar Cookies

The sweet combo is almost good enough to eat, and you just might be tempted by Warm Sugar Cookies scented candles!

Bring back childhood summer memories with the wonderful scent of freshly baked cookies, creamy vanilla bean frosting and toasted butter filling your room.

Pumpkin Frosting

When sugar meets spice! With this baked pumpkin-scented candle, you’ll enjoy a warm caramel drizzle along with spiced frosting.

If you love spice fragrances with just a hint of sweetness, then Pumpkin Frosting offers the perfect mix of both worlds.

Winter Forest

A widely popular holiday scent, this frosted pine needle, balsam fir and cedarwood scented candle will invigorate your home with revitalizing energy.

As your candle burns, the exquisite aroma of light wood undertones envelopes your room with a delightful and distinctive touch.

Let’s Celebrate

This scented candle is a year-round favorite for a reason. Vanilla pairs well with many other scents, including butter and honey, that’s why this delicious-smelling candle is a crowd favorite.

Delicious vanilla bean cake with warm butter and honey notes make for a sweet ending to your day, while the sweet buttercream frosting finish gives you a reason to celebrate your birthday every day of the year!

It’s Good to be Home

This fragrance is a must for any home. The soothing scent evokes the carefree feeling of sleeping in on a breezy, sunny weekend morning, curled up in soft linens.

With notes of white orchid, fresh linen, sandalwood and soft amber, you won’t hear any complaints as far as this candle’s fragrance is concerned.

Putting a candle on can bring a sunny feeling to a gloomy day, or make a relaxing day at home or at work even better with its uplifting and pleasing scents.

With 100% soy wax and high-quality essential oil fragrances, 96NORTH offers a wide range of scents with beautiful fragrances lasting up to 60 hours so you can enjoy them for as long as you like.

Let us help you indulge in the most luxurious but cheapest scented candles without blowing your budget! Take your pick from our collection today!